Simplified pump station
Simplified pump station

What is an integrated prefabricated pumping station?

Integrated prefabricated pumping station: lifting device for rainwater, sewage, drinking water, wastewater, etc.

Structure of integrated prefabricated pumping station

Usually by the top cover, simplified (FRP or stainless steel), base, submersible pump,

Equipment consisting of service desk, pipeline and other components to meet the requirements of boosting and lifting drainage

Simplified Chinese character

Stainless steel prefabricated pumping station (B+H)

Select large SUS304/316 stainless steel plate, large-scale rolling machine fixed-length rolling forming, automatic welding machine double-sided forming welding process, solid solution treatment and overall acid pickling passivation treatment after qualified flaw detection, coated with coal tar asphalt coating on the surface. Material thickness and structure design are technically checked to ensure that the stiffness of the equipment meets the design requirements. After solid solution and acid pickling treatment, the cold working stress was completely eliminated. The hardness of the simplified bus was over 100 HBa, the compressive strength was 150 MPa, the circumferential tensile strength was 180 MPa, and the axial tensile strength was 100 MPa.

FRP prefabricated pumping station (B+H)

With alkali-free glass fiber Twistless roving and chopped felt as reinforcing materials and thermosetting high strength resin as matrix, continuous winding is made by computer-controlled winding equipment. To ensure uniform thickness and meet the design requirements, the thickness of the structural layer is determined by the structural design, and its stiffness meets the design verification. The hardness of the simplified bus is over 40 HBa, the compressive strength is 120 MPa, the circumferential tensile strength is 150 MPa, and the axial tensile strength is 60 MPa.

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