FFC PHT Series Plate Heat Exchangers
FFC PHT Series Plate Heat Exchangers

Product overview

When the earth is facing enormous energy challenges, the British Everstein Group (FFC) bravely stands at the forefront of the earth and becomes the guardian of the glorious green earth. Through innovative technology, Everson has made our world a better place. In the vast industrial field, EFS efficient heat transfer technology is used by people happily every day.

Efforts has many years of technical experience, but we never stop. We continue to research and innovate, develop and produce generation after generation of high efficiency heat exchanger products. We always keep in mind that constant technological development and innovation are the eternal core competitiveness of Ifox.

PHT series plate heat exchangers are not only used in food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and construction industry, but also in chemical industry with relatively poor working conditions. They have dozens of plate types, covering a wide range of temperature and pressure, fully satisfying the choice of users in different applications.

Perfect quality control system

The global procurement system is adopted in the purchase of raw materials by EFS. Sheet and gum materials are supplied by world-renowned high-quality suppliers. The selection of suppliers ensures that the quality of products is world-leading. The quality of each production link is strictly controlled in the Ifox plant: feeding, processing, assembling, testing and leaving the factory. Because we know that our quality is the guarantee of customer safety operation and production. With its first-class quality, EFS is winning the favor of users all over the world.

Market advantage

1. High efficiency of heat transfer and heat recovery

The heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger is 3-5 times higher than that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger because of the high turbulence of fluid in plate heat exchanger. The PHT plate heat exchanger with imported sheets and rubber pads can achieve a temperature difference of less than 1_C at the end and a heat recovery rate of more than 95%.

2. Reliable quality and long service life

The EFST PHT plate heat exchanger uses imported plates from Germany and imported gum from America, so its quality is more reliable and its design life is more than 15 years.

3. Compact structure and small area

The EFST PHT plate heat exchanger can provide a larger heat transfer area in a smaller frame volume. And it does not occupy any extra space when the equipment is repaired. Compared with shell-and-tube heat exchangers, the advantages are more obvious; the weight of shell-and-tube heat exchangers is about 1/6, and the occupied area is about 1/5.

4. Easy installation and maintenance

In the installation of PHT plate heat exchanger, it only needs to connect the heat exchanger interface with the pipeline interface, which is quite simple. It has no welding structure, so it is easy to disassemble, wash, replace and add or decrease plates.

5. Low fouling and low liquid retention

The PHT plate heat exchanger has a smooth inlet plate surface and high turbulence in the channel, which makes the scale layer thinner. Its thermal resistance coefficient is only 1/5 of that of shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Because of the plate type and cross-section area of plate heat exchanger, the retention of plate heat exchanger is only 20% of that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger with the same area.

Six. High flexibility.

After installation, if you want to redesign and determine the heat load, you only need to increase or reduce the number of sheets, rather than re-purchase new equipment.

application area

PHT series plate heat exchangers are widely used in the following fields:

Petro chemical industry

Medicine and pharmacy

Power plant

_Renewable resources

_Air conditioning and HVAC

Cold storage

Beverage industry

Food industry

Industrial energy



Automotive Industry

Metal processing

Paper making industry

_Marine transport industry

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