FFC HMB Series Horizontal High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps
FFC HMB Series Horizontal High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps


HMB centrifugal pump is a horizontal multi-stage high pressure pump specially designed for reverse osmosis applications. They are widely used in construction services, water supply and treatment, sprinkler irrigation, irrigation, drainage, liquid transportation, food, chemical and other general industrial applications. Their design and construction ensures safe and reliable performance while providing continuous service life at cost and efficiency. HMB pumps have the most comprehensive hydraulic coverage and materials suitable for various industries.

Pump performance range

Flow range: 0-650m_/h

Head range: 0-1100m


1. Corrosion of more than 3 mm can be widely used in corrosive applications.

2. The design of high efficiency balance drum ensures the axial load of two thrust bearings sealed in the range of strong suction pressure and low residual.

3. The construction of sealing shell to adapt to a wide range of sealing design and configuration to meet strict heavy-duty requirements.

4. Heavy-duty solid shaft design ensures operating speed above critical speed and shaft deflection with sealing surface less than 0.05 mm under all operating conditions, which prolongs the life of pumps and seals.

5. Precision casting and dynamic balanced impeller reduce vibration and ensure smooth operation.

6. Impeller and diffuser designed by CFD optimize hydraulic performance.

7. High-performance materials, wear-resistant rings and balancing devices improve work efficiency and reduce downtime.

8. The standard of heavy bearing seat and sliding bearing is applied to all FFC HMB pumps to ensure their service life and reliability.

9. Excellent interchangeable parts will minimize spare parts inventory level.

10. The materials are cast steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, duplex stainless steel.

11. Inhalation and delivery flange connections meet design rated operating pressure. ANSI, DIN or JIS flanges are available.

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