SD Series Inhalation Diverter
SD Series Inhalation Diverter

SD product introduction

SD suction diverter is designed for direct installation on the inlet flange of horizontal and vertical pumps. It not only filters out impurities, but also replaces elbows, filters and straight pipes at the pump suction end, thus reducing installation costs. The outlet and inlet flange specifications of pump diffuser can be that the outlet flange specifications are smaller than the inlet flange specifications, so it can replace the different diameter elbow. The large opening area and discharge port make SD inhalation diverter less need to be repaired and easy to drain and flush. Quick opening of the knob can save time in opening the valve cover. O-ring is used between valve body and cover to seal, instead of conventional flat gasket, which can avoid replacing gasket every time in the future. The straightening blade at the outlet of SD inhalation diverter can reduce the pressure and erosion of the medium to the pump. Therefore, SD inhalation diverter can also replace the straight pipe in order to eliminate the medium disturbance under the conventional conditions, thus saving space, time and cost.

SD product standard

Connection standard

BS EN1092-2 PN10/PN16/PN25 ANSI B16.1 Class125.JIS l0K/16K

Connection standard

GB/T 9113, JB/T 79, EN1092-2

SD technical parameters

Nominal Path: DN50-DN600 (2 -24)

Nominal pressure: PN10/16/25 (10/16/25bar)

Sealing test: 1.1PN

Shell test: 1.5PN

Operating temperature: - 20 - 110

Applicable medium: water

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