FFC HS series open double suction centrifugal pump
FFC HS series open double suction centrifugal pump

Working conditions

The maximum temperature range of the liquid transported by the pump is from - 25 to + 140, and the specific allowable range of the liquid transported depends on the material of the pump body and seal.

Transportation of clear water without particles

application area

Widely used in water supply and drainage, air conditioning water, fire water supply, municipal water supply

Scope of supply

Pump set (pump head, motor, coupling, coupling cover, base)

Installation Instructions

Working parameters

Flow range: 50-14000 m/h

Lift range: 4.5m-200m

Outlet diameter: 50mm-800mm

Impeller diameter: 240mm-1100mm

Efficiency: up to 90%

Power: 4 ~ 3000kW

Structural characteristics

Axle sleeve: The replaceable axle sleeve has a variety of materials to choose from. The sleeve is mounted on the shaft to protect the shaft from wear and tear.

Mechanical Seal: Pumps are available from a variety of mechanical seals to meet the application needs.

Import baffle: Unique integrally cast import baffle guides more concentrated flow to the impeller suction port, the internal fluid is gradually accelerated, restraining the turbine, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

Sliding bearing: reduce the bearing spacing, thereby reducing the deflection of the shaft at the machine seal, prolonging the service life of the machine seal, easy to maintain, and reduce the operation cost.

Shaft: Coarsening design greatly reduces the vibration of the pump, while the minimum shaft deviation prolongs the service life of bearings and mechanical seals.

Bearing: The shortest bearing span and thicker shaft diameter ensure that the bearing life (B-IO) is more than 50,000 hours.

Pump body seal ring: Replaceable seal and environmental protection pump body is free from wear and tear, and through simple adjustment of appropriate clearance, the maintenance cost is reduced and the operation of the pump in Colleges and universities is maintained.

Pump body: The inlet and outlet flange is integrated with the pump body. To ensure that the whole rotor components are disassembled and assembled without dismantling the pipeline. The pump body is mounted with foot support to reduce vibration.

Inhalation chamber: Accurate geometric design improves hydraulic efficiency and reduces NPSHr value.

Double Vortex Shell Structure: The compensated double Vortex Shell design of HS (V) can effectively eliminate the radial load by balancing the pressure generated by the liquid flowing into the pump body. This balancing characteristic can prolong the service life of seal and bearing, reduce vibration and provide balanced operation. The double volute shell improves the efficiency by providing two independent vorticity channels in the pump body to carry out the backflow meter. When the outlet diameter is greater than 100mm, double volute shell structure pump can be selected.

Bearing seat: HS (V) unique integrated bearing seat is a 360 degree omnidirectional processing, through screw inspection connected to the upper and lower parts of the pump body, thereby optimizing the connection and prolonging the service life of the bearing. This compact design limits the deflection of the shaft by supporting the rigid shaft. The design of combined bearing and sealing chamber facilitates simple maintenance and inspection of seal, sleeve and bearing without dismantling pump cover.

Impeller: HS (V) pumps use the design method of t-plate, with special emphasis on matching impeller with pump shell to produce wide and high efficiency area and low cavitation area. The combined results of hydraulic balancing double suction impeller and radial load balancing make HS (V) pump run smoothly, vibration is minimum, and operation cost is reduced.

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