FFC VIL Series Single Stage Vertical Pipeline Centrifugal Pump
FFC VIL Series Single Stage Vertical Pipeline Centrifugal Pump

Product overview

VIL series Single-stage vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving products launched by FFC Group in accordance with IS02858 international standards. The product has excellent performance, stable quality and reliability. FFC Group's VIL Series Pipeline Centrifugal Pumps are the world's leading technology. It is suitable for transporting clear water and other liquids with physical properties similar to clear water. This product is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise pressurized water supply, especially for large central air-conditioning cooling water and chilled water circulating water supply, but also particularly suitable for regional heating in the north.

Working conditions

The design working pressure of the pump is 1.6 MPa (gray iron). The working pressure of the pump can be increased (2.4 MPa) by changing the material of the pump body (ductile iron, cast steel). The inlet and outlet flanges of pumps conform to PN = 16 national standard flanges. When ordering, if the work pressure is 2.4 MPa or higher, it must be noted, otherwise the work pressure is 1.6 MPa.

Applicable medium: Clean liquid (such as antifreeze) with clear water or similar physical and chemical properties to water.

The range of liquid transported by the pump is from - 25C to + 140 C, and the allowable temperature of the liquid transported depends on the type of pump and seal.

Supporting motors Y2 series motor (EFF2) and Y3 series (EFF1) high-efficiency extended shaft motor.

Pump performance range:

Flow range: 30-2100m_/h

Head range: 10-150 M

Outlet diameter: 50mm-350mm

Efficiency: up to 90%

Power: 4-200kw

Motor Series: 2,4,6

Product characteristics

1: The greatest feature of this series of pumps is that the radial force on the pump shaft is greatly reduced when the pump is running by using the double volute shell runner design. We know that the inlet and outlet diameters of pipeline pumps are the same. The outlet diameters of pipeline pumps are one to two grades larger than those of horizontal pumps of the same specifications. In this way, the radial force acting on the shaft of the single volute tube pump is greater than that of the traditional horizontal pump. The radial force caused by the uneven pressure in the shell is offset by the symmetrical shape of the double shell. This innovative design greatly reduces the radial force (hydraulic reasons) on the shaft. In addition, the unbalanced radial force (mechanical reason) of the impeller is further reduced by dynamic balancing treatment. It is the above measures that make the VlL series pipeline pumps run more efficiently and reliably, and the mechanical seals and bearings have longer life. :

2: A more smooth annular suction chamber (with a guide plate) is used in the intake passage of the pump. It is not only beneficial to avoid hump phenomena under low flow conditions, but also to improve the efficiency of the pump. It also makes the series of products lower in gravity center and better in operation stability than traditional pipeline pumps.

3: Using the excellent hydraulic model of FFC Group's new generation and some innovative design, the VlL series pipes of FFC are 5-10% more efficient than those of other manufacturers. At this point, VIL series pipeline pumps are more efficient and energy-saving. It is also more in line with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving advocated by FFC Group. :

4: Imported mechanical seals are used to ensure that the pump works without leakage for a long time and improve the working environment of the pumping station.

5: For small and medium-sized motors, it is not necessary to add lubricating oil to use maintenance-free imported bearings (motor seat number below 250). For medium and large motors, grease lubrication can be used to replace lubricating oil without shutdown. Therefore, the maintenance of this product is simple.

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