About us
B+H is a world-leading industrial design and manufacturing company dedicated to creating the most reliable, stable, efficient, emission reduction, energy-saving and environmental protection products. B+H has branches in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region, and entered China in early 2016. It mainly manufactures high-quality fluid systems and equipment for pumps, valves and heat exchanger units.

Regardless of the size of the project, we will ensure that our customers get the most value in their development projects. We specialize in hydrodynamics. We design pumps that are the most efficient and advanced in the world.

Our mission and philosophy is to help them optimize their assets through long-term cooperation with public and private enterprises and the public sector. Through our continuous efforts, we use our professional knowledge and advanced technology and our most valuable resources, our professional and technical personnel, to ensure that our customers have sufficient resources and professions. Knowledge to achieve its energy-saving goals.

Our chief engineer has accumulated decades of valuable experience in fluid system design. The core idea of our management fee is to provide better service through our continuous training of staff.

B + H is committed to providing the best quality products and services. While we may provide the best customer service and support, we are also in a changing and fast-paced development department. We listen carefully to our customers'needs to ensure a complete understanding of the challenges, problems and goals we face. Then we are moving forward, using our expertise, experience and vision to help customers create solutions to meet and exceed their expectations and needs. We have a close relationship with our customers for a long time. Help them to achieve their goals, and through long-term customer service and quality control procedures to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our customers can benefit from it.

Design the most suitable pump according to the process flow required by customers

Pump System Solution with High Economic Spillover and Efficient Energy

Excellent after-sales service to ensure the reliability of customer business
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